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Kris Lee-Scott
Trainer & Tech Support

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14 Years at The Great Outdoors, 30 Years on Apple Computers!
"Learning is fun and easy with Kris!"
If you are technically challenged, a digital dolt, or just having  bit of miscommunication with your device, there is help!
Call me now...(321) 243-4324
Why?  Because
*I started on Apple Computers in the '80's
*My Photo Productions in Marin County designed Real Esate Brochures
* I implimented mailing lists for Olde Coloma Theatre in California '88-'92
*I designed and printed Lesson Plan Books for Keyboard Kids '90-'92
*I created and printed HypnoTherapy scripts for Wisconsin Therapy Center
*Hanai Music 


  1. High School
    High School
    I was always interested in music and creating things. I designed and edited a 'newspaper' in 4th grade, and wrote a novella in high school. Later I designed open home flyers on one of my first Apple Computers in the 80's.
  2. With "Palatka" the Dixie Dingo
    With "Palatka" the Dixie Dingo
    I pulled this raggedy girl from under a moving car, and she's been a miracle dog since then (2003) When she got cancer, the vet said she wouldn't live past 8 years old...that was 5 years ago. We know that every day is a gift!
  3. Today as a Trainer/Consultant
    Today as a Trainer/Consultant
    Now, I have the honor of sharing my years of experience Apple Computers and software (as wells as devices) with my friends and neighbors who want to learn about the easiest and most popular and secure computers in the world.